We do not collect any personal or sensitive data from our visitors when they use our online services, except where the visitor initiates this, for example by inquiring or seeking sales and service.

We do not collect information about our online visitors from other sources, such as private organisations, public records or bodies for web-visitors.

We do not engage in online 'spamming' or online mass-outbound marketing activates. We do not release personal information of 'data lists' for the purpose of commercial sales.

Our Internet service provider (ISP), the company that owns the website server that hosts our web site, may collect only the domain names and names of referring web sites (not e-mail addresses of visitors).

The ISP may aggregate information to measure the number of visits, average time spent on the web site and pages viewed; we may use the information to help us improve the operational performance and informational content of our web site.

If you register online or provide personal data to Margaret Bland Realty by any means, we may use this information to provide you with specific targeted information about Margaret Bland Realty and declared partner products and services in support of your needs.

We may store email addresses, telephone numbers, personal password, or other access devices so as to personally tailor information to you.

If online surveys are conducted to better understand client needs and profile of our web visitors and clients, we will let you know how we will use any information provided and the time we collect it.

Personal information collected off line may be used for secondary purposes such as direct marketing. Wherever possible this will be collected directly, but in other instances may be collected from government or publicly available records, phone books or data lists or from third paries such as brokers, who are privacy compliant, wherever possible we may engage in marketing activities where we do not use personal information, such as letter-box inserts.